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Local Food is on the rise, for multiple reasons, and I’m not even going to explain that today.  Too busy.  And if you can’t figure out why local food is on the rise without reading a Blog, then you need to spend a lot more time researching and talking to people on the inside of this industry.


But, if it is going to be a sustainable industry, or even an industry at all, Local Food needs to find a way to translate its products and values from a Cottage Industry (i.e. CSA and Farmer’s Market) to larger, and more stable businesses.  That’s what RNH is trying to do with its Food Hub Project in Amery.  Nothing wrong with CSA, I’m a subscriber myself.  Or Farmer’s Market, I work both sides of the aisle on that one.

But, in the long run, and even right now, there’s a hell of a demand for local food — from individuals, families, restaurants and institutions — and to keep up with that demand, new businesses and models need to come into being.

So, all that said, and understanding that Amery’s Food Hub is well along in its development, I want to post this Entrepreneur Wanted Ad.  Pass it around as needed.  We are looking high, low and in between on this one.

Wanted:  Local Foods Chef and General Manager

In 2010, Kari Wenger and Peter Henry founded Resilient Northern Habitats (RNH) with the intention of creating community around the values of habitat preservation, healthy farming practice, and food-system resilience.   In 2013, RNH bought an old car dealership on main street in Amery, WI.  With 12,000 square feet, three storefronts and 5,000 square feet of warehouse, the property is being converted to a Food Hub:  a sizable commissary kitchen, a 501(c)(3) that advocates for local food and small farms, a local foods restaurant, and, Hungry Turtle Farmer’s Coop.

The need now is for leadership at the local foods restaurant, Farm Table.  On a state highway with traffic counts of @11,000 vehicles a day — Farm Table is the public’s window on local food and small farms.  It serves Amery (population @3,000), but also as a model for how a truly local, truly conscious, and truly creative community comes together around food.  The restaurant is fully outfitted with equipment, fixtures, furniture, small wares, beverage service — the works.

Amery’s Food Hub seeks a better food system.  We need talented, dedicated and hard-working individuals to showcase how local food helps small farms, native habitat, the local economy and more.  Particularly, we need leaders for Farm Table: a brilliant local foods chef, an experienced General Manager, or both in one person.   Over time, (one year trial) the goal is to find a motivated entrepreneur to lease the restaurant space,  collaborate with other food hub partners, build a team and make it their own.

Timeline:  Hiring for July 1st.  Interviews with our team and community in April and May.  Farm Table opening in September.
Minimum qualifications: 5 years experience as a chef, commitment to local foods, preservation, cellaring and craft cooking, including nose-to-tail animal preparation.   Same for General Manager.
Salary Terms:  $40-$60K depending on experience and fit.  Long term: entrepreneur/lease-holder, hopefully a couple, to run Farm Table and join our community.

If this fits, please send inquiries to:  pfhenry@resilientnorthernhabitats.com

Farm Table Vision:
Nourishing community through inspired local food.

Farm Table Mission:
Farm Table does not purchase industrially, but from small farmers who grow food humanely, honor labor and seek a sustainable farm ecology.
Farm Table celebrates every season, animals nose-to-tail and craft cooking as part of a local food culture.
Farm Table operates within a diverse world and believes in learning, inspiration and collaboration as essential to community.