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People sometimes ask:  What is Resilient Northern Habitats?  What do you guys do?

Well, there is a great opportunity to engage both of those questions.

Farm Table Restaurant in Amery, WI,  is hosting a special event on November 10th, a Thursday night.  We are closing the restaurant and hosting a dinner for a special guest.

Vermont author, homesteader and all around sustainability advocate Ben Hewitt is coming to Amery!  Ben is the author of six books, including The Nourishing Homestead, The Town that Food Saved, Home Grown and Saved.  Check these books out.

Ben has been at the center of a number of issues and movements that have been percolating in the Vermont region over the last couple of decades:  Namely, how do we move the needle on better food, a more sustainable lifestyle and a resilient local foodshed as we hurtle forward on this planet toward 10 million people by 2025?

The night begins at 5:30 with appetizers and cocktail hour, followed by a locally sourced dinner by Farm Table Chef Dean Parent, Ben’s remarks and then questions and discussion involving guests.  Many local farmers and others engaged in food production, advocacy and sustainability will be there.

Tickets are still available at Eventbrite.   This is a special evening of celebrating food, hard work and thoughtfulness as individuals who care about the direction of our communities, our food system and the entire planet.

Please join us at Farm Table on Thursday, November 10th.  It will be fun, delicious and inspiring.  And, you will see first hand what it is we care about at RNH and what kind of people are drawn to this work.