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Resilient Northern Habitats is growing…. food, and among other things, its team.  Here is the official posting.  Respond electronically with Letter of Interest and Resume to:  pfhenry@resilientnorthernhabitats.com



Community Outreach Farm Leader

Resilient Northern Habitats is a collaborative for-benefit organization in western Wisconsin dedicated to producing nutrient dense organic food and revitalizing habitat using principles derived from permaculture.  We seek a team member to lead development of a public space initiative, assist with farm tasks and develop a unique income stream from the land.   Applicable skills include:  basic accounting, social media and web fluency, strong communication, people and community building skills, farm experience, as well as dedication to ecological principles, organics and community.

Major Responsibilities:

1.  Lead development of Hungry Turtle public space initiative.   50%

Check in regularly on priorities/tasks/research leading to achievement of RNH goals/objectives for the public space as defined collaboratively by team.
Establish schedule and create work flow for task achievement into the future.
Answer phone, establish contacts, research and generally administer organizational matters around the public space as they arise.
Provide light bookkeeping for farm operation.
Collaboratively develop and implement marketing plan for CSA, learning center, and direct sales to customers.
Provide event coordination in conjunction with others.
Update website calendar, photos and blog as needed.
Conduct social media campaign to promote public space initiative.

2.   Assist in implementation of overall farm plan.  30%

Throw boots on and help RNH team with farm work on a regular basis, everything from driving a tractor, to pitching manure with a fork, to weeding vegetables.
Maintain positive team spirit and physical vitality in the face of difficulties, set-backs and failure — creating hope for overall project success, as well as HAVING FUN.

3.  Develop a well articulated business plan in an area of strong interest to produce an income stream at one of the RNH farm-sites, convince team-members the plan will work, pursue plan vigorously, ask for help as needed.    20%

Research and define area to pursue.
Articulate a complete business plan showing how/why the income stream should be pursued, anticipated costs, needed equipment, work flows, potential markets, timeline for bringing income stream on-line, etc.
Implement plan on the ground on a daily/weekly basis.
Monitor plan, update team and adjust accordingly over time


40 hours a week, on average.


Depending on experience, $25,000 – $30,000.   Housing options available.

General Conditions of Satisfaction:

Work/tasks are done competently, on time, and meet the requirements of the assignments:  timeliness of task completion and quality of work is high.

Work collaboratively and effectively with others .

Prepared for meetings, with data, input and insights into agenda items.

Confidentiality in dealings, financial, business and personal.

Team-members, customers and the general public are treated well and feel uplifted by their connection with RNH.

Projects, initiatives and events run smoothly, successfully and regularly exceed expectations of RNH team, customers and visitors.

More detailed Conditions of Satisfaction to be collaboratively articulated at beginning of tenure.